Doroteo Guamuch 2013 _Benvenuto Chavajay

Doroteo Guamuch, 2013
Benvenuto Chavajay

Despite the physical presence of 40 million indigenous people in Latin America, native people continue to suffer discriminatory practices that perpetuate the erasure of their identities. Benvenuto Chavajay, an artist of indigenous descent, brings to life the story of Doroteo Guamuch (1922-2011), the famous Guatemalan long distance runner who, unable to register for races using his indigenous name, simplified it to Mateo Flores. After achieving fame as a runner, the national stadium was named Estadio Nacional Mateo Flores, honoring the athlete but negating his heritage. Chavajay tattooed Guamuch’s ID card on his own back, advocating for the stadium to be renamed Estadio Nacional Doroteo Guamuch.

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