A Rather Be A-Line

After months of conversations, many trips, love and pure generosity, A rather be a-line exists again in the space of Shmorevatz, an old shoe shop turned into a hybrid gallery where all sorts of connections transform the space every time someone new sets foot in it.

What you see here is an ensemble of works guided by the playfulness and lightness of drawing, and an in-situ installation that was built with the intention of providing a subtle landscape where the works could breath, live, and rest. A rather be a-line highlights a broad conception of drawing and painting while registering a specific group of artists whose different practices use materials such as nylon, metal, paper maché, paper, brass, mirrors, paint, fabric, drawings, and ceramic come together.

Dismissing all sense of linearity, and as a statement of pure belonging, A rather be a-line apprehends this practice as a process, recognising both the established and supposed potential of this art form, as well as those that can still be revealed through experimentation and curiosity.