Biennale de l’image tangible 2020

During a month of exhibitions and events located in the 20e district of Paris, the Biennale de l’Image Tangible presents a selection of works that tend to emancipate themselves from a classic use of the photographic medium.

Whether looking for new media, hybrid techniques or a new relationship to reality, this event tends to show that photography never stops inventing. In this, the Tangible Image Biennial accompanies the emergence of new languages ​​and new practices related to photography: a photograph that upsets the assumptions of the real, a photograph that changes nature, form and postulate, and which thus participates in an enlargement of the field of his discipline.

The second edition of the Tangible Image Biennial focuses its calendar on the month of November 2020. It retains its roots in the 20th arrondissement, following the idea already acclaimed by the public to draw an artistic journey in eastern Paris. Its programming revolves around an exhibition curated by the organizers of the Biennale, and a dozen exhibitions bringing together the winning artists of the call for projects (February – April 2020), selected by a jury of professionals from the world of art, image and photography.