Chroma Key

The title of this exhibition project alludes to the Chroma Key technique, common TV and film productions to isolate a specific object in an image, and place it within a virtual context. Two images are superimposed onto another, as one color in the top image is «keyed», and removed, the image in the bottom shines through. The effect is most often used to remove the monochrome walls of a TV studio and replace it with computer generated backgrounds.

For this show the chroma key technique is a metaphor for the changing conditions under which art is seen, and shifts in the relevance of context. Within gallery or museum presentations the integrity of the white cube remains intact, but outside these surroundings, contemporary artworks are increasingly experienced less in direct physical encounters, but through images and video clips, on smartphone screens, on social media. This development adds importance to the way galleries organize their webistes, and structure their online presence.

Against the background of the launch of a new website for the PSM Gallery, the curators went for the traditional format of the accrochage, a show of what‘s in store, and, in a game of truth or dare, suggested the artists produce virtual contexts for the physical works displayed in the gallery. In five installments, in groupds of three in alphabetical order the artists will show works in the gallery, the white cube of which has been emphasized for this display, and provide customized presentations for the gallery website. While the pieces in the gallery change over the exhibition period, the virtual presentations will agglomerate on the gallery website.


  • 12-20.12.2014 / Anca Munteanu Rimnic, Nathan Peter and Ariel Reichman
  • 23.-27.12.2014 / Øystein Aasan, Awst & Walther
  • 30.12.-3.1.2015 / Nadira Husain, Daniel Jackson, Ujino Munetero
  • 6.1.-10.1.2015 / Pauline Curnier Jardin, Sophie Erlund, Christian Falsnaes
  • 13.1.-17.1.2015 / Eduardo de Basualdo, Thomas Chapman, Paolo Chiasera’s II Stile presents Riccardo Previdi