Così Accade (As it Happens)

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo presents Così Accade the concluding exhibition of the eight edition of the Young Curators’ Residency Programme, curated by João Laia (Portugal, 1981) Kim Nguyen (Canada, 1983), and Marina Noronha (Brazil, 1981), and coordinated by Gaia Tedone (Italy, 1982).

So it happens, as it happens. Chance prescribes the outcome. Così Accade is the influence of chance and the recurrence of circumstance. It alludes to the experience of an eight-month curatorial project that begins with a four-month residency and culminates in a four-month public display. The bringing together of three distinct perspectives in order to touch the surface of an Italian art context. Without claiming to be a survey of Italian art, the exhibition is a measurement of its time and the shifting parameters that bring artworks together, an opportunity to estrange and make strange.

The exhibition brings together the work of eight artists whose practices span over five decades. The diverse selection of works—including multiverse moving image, hyper-text paintings, and sculptures composed of fugitive materials—make reference to forms of repetition and material memory. Among the works presented are an installation produced in collaboration with animals and a series of instructional images associated with recipes, alongside a selection of works from the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo collection.

The show alludes to the collapse of time and the blurring of the real—the mysticism that surrounds making, process, objects, and absence, and the stratification and distortion of memory. The metaphorical ‘end’, the division of one’s day, the ink that runs out, and this time shared together. Performative gestures and the mark of the hand, and a moment in which we are uncertain about who was here, why this is happening, and who was here last. So it happens.

Artists in the exhibition: Irma Blank (b. Celle, DE, 1934, based in Milan), 
Invernomuto (Simone Bertuzzi, b. Piacenza, 1983, Simone Trabucchi, b.1982, based in Milan), 
Jacopo Miliani (b. Florence, 1979, based in Milan)
, Alice Ronchi (b. Ponte dell’Olio, 1989, based in Milan and Amsterdam), 
Alessandra Spranzi (b. Milan, 1962, based in Milan)
Cesare Pietroiusti* (b. Rome, 1955, based in Rome), 
Namsal Siedlecki (b. USA, 1986, based in Rome)
Serena Vestrucci (b. Milan, 1986, based in Venice).

*The artist was invited to Così Accade for a provision of professional service of consultancy and support to the exhibition’s curators.