How Soon Was Now – A Brief History of CFA

“How Soon Was Now” – an exhibition celebrating 20 years of gallery operation – is to be more an atmospheric snapshot than a nostalgic retrospective of the gallery’s history. Partly developed for the exhibition, partly selected by the gallery for presentation, aside from the occasion itself and title – there was no thematic, curatorial parameter for the show. The artists will be presented showcasing their diversity and individuality, outlining the ‘character’ of the gallery and the heterogeneity of its programme.

The artists are united neither by medium, nor by style or technique, but rather by an attitude toward the world, to art and to life.

Artistas participantes :

  • Cecily Brown
  • Georg Baselitz
  • Georg Herold
  • Thomas Kiesewetter
  • Chris Ofili
  • Tal R
  • Anselm Reyle
  • Christian Rosa
  • Julian Schnabel
  • Dana Schutz
  • Katja Strunz
  • Jürgen Teller
  • Gert & Uwe Tobias