Tocame, soy geométricamente sensible

La primera exposición individual del artista brasileño Adriano Costa en Londres se realiza en la galería creada y dirigida por Sadie Coles. Durante los dos meses previos a la exposición, Costa ha recorrido la ciudad de Londres, recogiendo objetos cotidianos que ha integrado a sus más recientes obras.

«Touch me, I am geometrically sensitive (texto de presentación en versión original) :

From August to October 2014, Brazilian artist Adriano Costa presents his first solo exhibition in London – also his first with Sadie Coles HQ. Made over a period of two months in London during the lead-up to the exhibition, Costa’s latest works harness everyday objects – mostly gathered in situ –so as to magnify their basic geometrical patterns, textures and colours. While probing the imaginative and aesthetic potential embedded in the stuff of daily life, Costa’s sculptures, paintings and installations also allude implicitly to the wider system in which art is made, validated and sold.

In line with previous installations, Costa’s found objects –readymade yet reformulated – continue to express their original functions and resonances; earlier assemblages have for example recycled items of clothing from his childhood. He has made a series of wall compositions using cut-out sections of free London newspapers, and these bear witness to the news stories that dominated the headlines over the summer (or indeed those that passed by without note), from the wars in the Middle East to the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in the Ukraine. Reflected in these works, Costa proposes, is a sense of the “crazy and intense summer” that has just passed, with “some works speaking of tragedies, others of funnier things. It’s always important for me to talk about where I’ve been working –perhaps in an attempt to understand.”

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