You must change your life

La exposición «You must change your life» reune artistas de diferentes países. El único artista latinoamericano que participa en la muestra es Oscar Santillán, quien presenta la obra Afterword, gracias al apoyo de la Delfina Foundation, el Kolleg Friedrid Nietzsche, el Goethe und Schiller Archiv y la Academia Van Eyck.

Sobre Afterword de Oscar Santillán

«The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche owned only one typewriter, a Malling-Hansen model, in his whole life. Most of his philosophical texts he wrote by hand. He did not succeed to write with this typewriter. He typed more than 70 letters with the machine, but had to correct en finalize them with pencil. Fascinated by the frustrations of one of the worlds greatest philosophers Oscar Santillan made a new work, Afterword.

In his work Oscar Santillan insinuates on the exchange between fact and fiction. Unexpected events occur, the rhythm of drums is synchronized with the sweat of a person, the unrealized wish of  a dead person is fulfilled, or the tip of a mountain is stolen. Santillan received his master’s Sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth University. Currently he is the resident of the Delfina Foundation in London and has recently completed his research at the Jan van Eyck Academie. His work has been shown in the Havana Biennial , Havana, Copperfield Gallery, London, Old -Rekem Castle, Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht , Fundacion ODEON , Bogota.»

Las obras expuestas

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  • «Cosmic Tissue» (2014), Emily Whitebread (UK)
  • «When you fall into a trance» (2014), Emily Wardill (UK)
  • «The hand, the eye and it. The hand, the eye, it and the foot». Hedwig Houben (NL)
  • «Stranger Visions» (2012-2013), Heather Dewey-Hagborg (US)
  • «Body revolution» (2015), Mokhallad Rasem (IQ)
  • «DNA, A graphic guide to the molecule that shook the world», Israel Rosenfield (US), Edward Ziff (US), Borin van Loon (UK)
  • «Room C (extended)» (2012). Roel Heremans (BE)
  • «Echo moiré» (2012). Matteo Marangoni (IT)
  • «Cinechine» (2012), «Cinechine performance» (2014). Mariska de Groot (NL) & Dieter Vandoren (BE)
  • «An eye for an eye» (1998). Artur Zmijewski (PL)
  • «Planescape» (2011-2014). Wolfgang Bittner (AT), Lyndsey Housden (UK), Yoko Seyama (JP), Jeroen Uyttendaele (BE)
  • «Captives #B04» (2014). Quayola (IT)
  • «Afterword» (2014-2015). Oscar Santillán (EC)
  • «Operation – For something black and hot» (2012). Okin Collective (KR)
  • «Blindness and memory: being reborn into a different world (2012). John Hull (AU)
  • «Être et ne pas avoir» (2014). Younes Baba-Ali (MA)
  • «Shalom Aleikoum» (2013). Younes Baba-Ali (MA)
  • «Mediterraneo» (2014). Anna Raimondo (IT)

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